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At Texas Finest Seasonings & Hot Sauces, we sell quality, salt-free, all-purpose seasoning used to put on meat and non-meat products. We also sell hot sauce made from the Carolina reaper pepper and chili pepper. Whether it’s for commercial or personal purposes, drop by today or get in touch with us on +12146904591 to …

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We stock the best quality seasoning and sauce to ensure that when you patronize us, you’ll always be cooking with the most excellent ingredients around. Additionally, we offer all our products at affordable prices, and we ensure that each is checked appropriately before stocking. You won’t find out of date or …


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We Offer

We Offer

Spicy Rub 5oz


Spicy Herb 5oz


Hot Sauce 8oz



Got butter garlic herb, and spicy dry rub seasoning from a gentleman in Carrollton it tastes incredible on chicken 
Apr 18, 2021
Great flavor and no salt is a bonus... Very good for managing salt intake. 
Mar 23, 2020
Charlotte Williams


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